Competition rules and regulations

1. A cocktails shouldn’t contain more than 1 unit of alcohol (12.5 ml/0,42 oz). To calculate how much alcohol the cocktail contains use the following formula: alcohol percentage of the beverage x quantity in ml / 1250 = 1 unit. You can also use the calculator on the oneUNIT-website to calculate the amount of alcohol in units.

2. The deadline for entering the competition is 5th of March 2020. You can sign in at

3. To reach the final of each round the participants must pass a oneUNIT-quiz based on the information about the oneUNIT campagne as provided on the website, as well as being judged on their entry cocktail recipe.

4. The recipe for the competition cocktail does not have to be included in the form, but must be entered during the quiz stage of the competitition on 8th March 2020.

5. Submission of recipes during the competition means that the entrant agrees to publications (parts of) the submission via communication channels of SpiritsNL and NBC.

6. The submitted recipe may not contain more than 5 ingredients, of which no more than one ingredient is homemade.

7. Non branded: What type / category of alcohol is used in the cocktail must be mentioned. The mentioning of the brand of drink is allowed of course, but will not play a role in the assessment.

8. The submitter has to be an actively working as a bartender and / or has to have work experience as a bartender.

9. The submitter must be 21 years of age or older.

10. The submitter must be present during the cocktail competition on the 8th March 2020 at Bricks Hooch & Brew, The Hague.

11. The submitter must be 21 years of age or older.

12. The winner will receive a PR prize consisting of media attention for her, for her cocktail and for the bar where the winner works should they go on to the final and win. Their winning cocktail must be offered to the public at their bar as cocktail of the month before the grand final at the Horecava 2021.

13. The jury that assesses the entries consists of Mads Voorhoeve, Daryl Lieuw-On, Eddy Trenidad and Raysa Straal.

oneUNIT Is een initiatief van SpiritsNL en de Nederlandse Bartenders Club.